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The 2nd AUIIF will bring together the public and private sectors to discuss urban development policy and investment in Africa. It will be held in conjunction with the inaugural “José Eduardo dos Santos” African Mayor Awards celebrate the leadership and contribution of Mayors from cities across Africa. www.auiif.com

UN estimates that by 2030 some African cities will grow by 50% and some will actually double in size. How will Africa cope with this urban revolution? Although urbanisation is usually associated with rising incomes, better living standards, and improved human development, these economic and social advantages will not come automatically. Africa’s rapid urbanisation is putting significant pressure on existing infrastructure and the capacity of cities to offer accommodation and services to all citizens. Today, 72% of urban dwellers experience living conditions worse than in rural areas.

To meet Africa’s infrastructure gap, $93bn of annual investment is needed, while governments currently spend only $45bn. Investments driven by urbanisation will grow much faster across the continent, thus creating scope for exceptional growth in infrastructure and other subsectors projects. This potential is still largely unknown to international investors and its profitable opportunities have yet to be tapped into.

The inaugural African Urban Infrastructure Forum held in Cape Town in 2013 was the first successful attempt to bring together the public and private sectors to seriously discuss urban development in Africa. The second edition will be held in Luanda, Angola in April 2015, and will provide the opportunity to learn from the country’s experience in tackling the challenge of rapid urbanisation.

Why attend?

  • Meet and network with key stakeholders in Africa (ministers, mayors, real estate developers and financiers, advisors)
  • Update your knowledge on the latest projects and opportunities in Angola and across Africa
  • Hear first-hand about case studies and success stories in the sector




Day 1

  • Reconstructing in post-conflict situations in Africa: The case of Angola
  • Affordable Housing
  • Luanda 21st Century: The City Master Plan in the making
  • Financing of new urbanisation projects in Africa
  • Registration of Urban Property in Africa: Between the legislative framework and reality: How to innovate in order to move forwards?

Day 2

  • African Cities: A Conversation with the Ministers of Housing and Urbanism, Governors, Administrators, Mayors: How to conceive and create the African cities of the future today?
  • Utilities
  • Smart Cities & Innovation
  • New Urbanizations and Development
  • Maximise the efficacy and efficiency of urban infrastructure reconstruction in post-conflict situations in Africa: Contribution of the Forum to the 7th Edition of “Africities” 2015

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